What we use

We will use parts that are reliable, safe and secure.

We will eventually make fast, racing cars, and small luxury cars.

We don’t make engines, we fine tune them, to the finest degree, so they are so smooth, you don’t know their on.

Most car companies tune their engines to spark:70, not even close to the engines max power, spark:80. A spark measurement is the amount of sparks coming out of the spark plug at max acceleration. It really is very confusing, but we do it by getting a reliable motor, fiddling with the engine spark ignitor, till the fuel going into the engine is really small, making the engine economical, changing the air intake of the starter motor, causing the engine, when it’s cold, to release less fumes, saving the environment.

We are also investing into using hydrogen fuel cells to power our vehicles. Read about the on the page Our Fuel.